One thing, could it really be that easy? In a nutshell yes. But let’s start with talking about why people fail when it comes to realizing their goals, in any area, but in health and wellness especially.

The fact is only 2% of people reach the New Year’s resolutions or the goals that they set for themselves. That means 98% of us don’t. 98%! And even more shocking, 94% of those people give up in the first 3 weeks! No wonder people give up on even setting goals. That success rate is dismal at best and as Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. So if you keep doing the same thing, in the same way, year after year, you have probably gotten the same failing result.

So what is that one thing that you MUST first do to achieve your health care goals? What is that magic game changer? Here it is…Embracing the word “no”. Hear me out. It isn’t the only thing that will be required to live healthy and achieve success but it needs to be the place you start.

We must start saying no to toxicity in our lives. Toxicity in the forms of unhealthy relationships, unhealthy habits, unhealthy expectations, unhealthy products and unhealthy, hurtful, self talk. Our lives are full, we are busy. Most of us can’t possibly add any more to our schedule because we are already stressed out, burned out, hanging by a thread. So we need to start by eliminating.

Where can you start eliminating? Maybe in your cupboards? Instead of buying the food, or food like things, that you know isn’t healing and nourishing you, when you are at the grocery story choose to say no to that choice and choose a healthier option. Maybe in your morning routine? Instead of hitting the snooze button 5 times and ignoring your morning routine you wake up 10 minutes earlier and have a moment of reflection, of meditation or of connection with yourself before tackling your to do list. Maybe in front of the TV? Instead of spending an hour watching the Netflix special, pick up your journal and write or pick up that book and read. I hear Brené Brown is amazing…hint hint.

Life is full of choices. Your first choiu must start choosing you, in health and in life. To live to your fullest potential and to love and serve others.ce everyday is to choose you or to choose someone else. And remember in choosing you, it isn’t about being selfish or uncaring. It’s about caring for yourself at least as much as you do others. Your loved ones need YOU. The world needs YOU. Yo

There IS a difference between living and living well.

Yours in health and blessings for a bright future.

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt

Vital Chiropractic, PLLC