As chiropractors we often see changes in people’s outlook on life when they are under care. As pain or discomfort decreases you are bound to feel better. But chiropractic is much more than pain alleviation. Chiropractic is about you reaching your potential, living a life full of joy and living a healthy, fulfilled life.

A recent study was released that exemplifies this point. It was a study linking poor posture, or more specifically kyphosis, to increased levels of depression, anxiety and aggression in high school boys. I know you have seen it. A teenager all slumped over, shoulders rolled forward, head down. They could be sitting at a desk for hours on end, carrying a heavy back pack slung over one shoulder, staring at their cell phone or just staring at their feet. This kyphotic, slumped over posture, not only looks bad but it has effects on your mental state and your neurology! So I guess all those times your mom told you to “stand up straight” or “sit up straight” was for more benefit than looking good. She probably didn’t know it but she was improving your mental state, your self esteem and your neurological function! Way to go mom!

As chiropractors we can assess your posture and help give you tools and exercises to improve it. We can adjust you to retrain neurology and kick it out of it’s poor posture patterns. Children are in slumped forward, kyphotic, postures at an earlier and earlier age as we reduce the time they are spending running and playing and increase the time they spend at desks and seated. This creates abnormal neurological patterns and aberrant muscle memory at an early age. Chiropractic can help repair this abnormal patterning and proper exercises can strengthen those corrected patterns. Not only does it create less physical discomfort over time, it can improve your mental state! This is HUGE! Current estimates are that one in six Americans are taking psychiatric medications of some kind. The largest percentage of those are anti-depressants with anti-anxiety pills close behind. And the rise in these drugs being prescribed in teens is shocking and scary. Especially when you consider the damage they can do to developing brains.

A study designed to test the correlation between chiropractic care and its impact on mental health was published in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research on June 20, 2013. This study cited prior research that showed of the 2818 patients undergoing chiropractic care, 76% reported an improvement in their mental/emotional health. Additionally, these 76% also reported positive changes in stress and increased life enjoyment in the months after receiving chiropractic care. Similar findings have also been reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Now we aren’t suggesting that you stop your medication cold turkey if you have already been prescribed these. That can be very dangerous and you need to work with your medical doctor when making these changes. We are suggesting incorporating chiropractic care to help improve your posture, reduce kyphosis, improve neurology and improve your mental state. We are also suggesting that you consider chiropractic for your children to create healthy habits and support good posture and spinal function before you are dealing with a medical diagnosis that requires more invasive intervention. We can work together to help you, and you family, achieve a healthy lifestyle and support you in regaining your health and your life.

Now sit up straight, get out and move and call us today to make your appointment!

There is a difference between living, and living well.

*Correction. Originally I stated that current estimates are that one in six Americans are taking anti-psychotic medications of some kind. And that should have read current estimates are that one in six Americans are taking psychiatric medications of some kind. Correction has been made.