Client’s Testimonials:

My son Paxton suffered from severe reflux since birth. After 4 months of frustration and poor growth we decided to take him to Dr. Cheryl Schmitt. I was reluctant at first; chiropractic was never my idea of a quick solution, but after Paxton’s four month check up with his pediatrician, I left feeling very inadequate with the information I was given and the lack of results with my sons symptoms. We made an appointment with Dr. Cheryl a few days later. I was very impressed with the gentle technique used during the session. After his first appointment, Paxton was relaxed and happy. We are so impressed with the outcome of his treatment that I wanted to share this amazing information with all of you. Paxton has not spit up since we left his second appointment and is eating better than ever. Please consider Chiropractic for the future. Thank you so much Vital Chiropractic.”

Amber Torgerson

I came to Dr. Robert’s office after a season-ending hip injury. I am an avid cross-country runner for Mount Vernon High School and consider myself a fierce competitor. Being incapable of running was making me go a little crazy. I tried resting and physical therapy over several months and it was having little to no effect on my hip. I turned to chiropractic and found my solution. Dr. Rob told me that my problem stemmed from the fact that my hips were not “swiveling” right as I walked or ran, as they were naturally meant to do. A few weeks of adjustments later, I was up and running again and have been injury free for almost two years!

Scott Cary

I spent my first pregnancy in almost constant pain. Even just walking was excruciating. Towards the end of my 2nd trimester I could hardly get out of bed or get dressed without being brought to tears. I had a separation of my pubic bone but got little help from my OB. When I became pregnant for a second time and the pain returned, I began researching treatment options on my own. It was this research that led me to chiropractic care. Chiropractic care during my second and third pregnancies minimized the pain drastically. The simple things that brought so much pain during my first pregnancy were no longer debilitating. Chiropractic care during my pregnancies kept me mobile and active. This in turn allowed me a level of health and fitness that was a great asset during labor and delivery.

Camille Wade

I was first introduced to chiropractic care while I was pregnant with my second child. I had a lot of pain in my pubic bone and it was getting progressively worse. It had gotten so bad that I could not lift one leg at a time, which meant getting dressed, and getting in or out of the shower or car was very difficult and painful. I had constant sciatic pain and was overall miserable. After running into Dr. Cheryl, she mentioned that chiropractic could probably help. Just two visits in and I could walk normal again! I was near the end of my pregnancy, and although not completely out of pain, it was very much relieved. So naturally at the beginning of my third pregnancy I started receiving chiropractic care, which continued all the way through labor. The aches and pains of pregnancy were much less noticeable. A few times the pubic pain would start up again and after an adjustment or two the pain would be almost gone. I could walk upstairs without pain! Dr. Cheryl helped me to be so much more comfortable throughout my pregnancy and labor. Both babies that I delivered while under her care were born quickly and easily with no complications. I really feel that the adjustments I received while pregnant helped with my deliveries as well. Thank you Dr. Cheryl!

Rachel Thompson

I have established faith in a segment of the medical profession, Chiropractic. I was injured in 1988 and have been studied by orthopaedics, neurologists, physiatrists, osteopaths and radiologists for 14 years. All of that only resulted only in life threatening prescription drugs and the loss of career capability. I had a friend whose pains were alleviated by chiropractic care. I tried it with positive results that went far beyond my hopes. I believe in chiropractic doctors; in their faith and knowledge that many medical conditions are affected by subluxation. I believe and have faith that much of my healing is the result of chiropractic knowledge, treatment, professional education and compassion. Chronic pain is a torturous ailment to endure. Medications have side effects that can be worse than what they are supposed to treat. I made a commitment to quit all pain medications during chiropractic treatment. I have significantly improved in neck, back, hip and leg pain. My numerous internal complications are either gone or under control better than they have been for years. Most significantly improved is how I see myself and my future. Chronic pain and medications changed me for the worse. Chiropractic treatment has restored me to the best I have been in 16 years.

David Linth

*While we try to post testimonials that are typical results in our office, results and individual improvement cannot be guaranteed or predicted. Health is a personal journey and results naturally vary.

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