When we come across some interesting new findings in science we love to share them. Partly because we just really love learning all about the body and partly because it shows that science is always evolving with new evidence and insights! We especially love what new discoveries we come across when it comes to our own bodies! Our body is an amazing, intricate orchestra that has many parts we have yet to discover. That is proven by this most recent discovery that gives us not only new understandings but yet even more questions!

Scientists out of the University of Utah have recently discovered that our brain cells share information! This of course isn’t actually new, we have known for decades that the brain communicates with itself but what they have just learned is that the communication is packaged in to a little envelope similar to a virus. The gene that allows this to happen is known as ARC and it is only found in neurons. Researchers believe that ARC is responsible for memory. A study in mice found that without ARC present they are unable to remember maze routes from day to day, each day is a new experience for them. They also found that they weren’t able to respond or adapt to their environment. Researchers don’t know what exactly is contained inside of the ARC gene but they know that it is important and are hoping that further research will lead to advances in treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, Schizophrenia, and other mental health disorders. So where is the link with chiropractic? A subluxation causes a disruption in the nervous system, making it difficult for information to be passed from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain. Subluxations can have all sorts of different consequences from localized pain and swelling, muscle spasms or weakness, decreased movement, ,incoordination, and even foggy memory. It is safe to say that subluxations likely have some impact on the ARC gene and it’s ability to move freely throughout the body. Chiropractors are the only doctors trained to find and correct subluxations. Yes chiropractic has huge success in treating pain and in many cases it’s more effective than opioids (and much safer although it can be addicting) but we really are doctors of the nervous system!

Check out the original article here that sparked our interest and hopefully sparks yours too!

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Dr. Chris Dirth and Dr. Cheryl Schmitt (We worked on this one together!)