State of the Art Technology for Neurological Evaluation and Function

Modern healthcare professionals are committed to using the highest quality research and clinical grade instrumentation and technology available. sEMG allows us to see how you muscles are functioning. Until now it was hard to communicate how the muscles were responding to spinal dysfunction and identify all areas that were involved. This also made it more difficult to manage a patient’s care as progress was evaluated more on how the patient felt rather than the function of the spine. It is shocking how often when the patient reviews the exam and states, “that is exactly where it is!” Or they state, “Yes, I have a low back problem there as well I forgot to mention”.

In our office we use state of the art technology called the myovision. The myovision allows us to conduct Surface Electromyography (sEMG), thermography, dynamic (motion) surface EMG and computerized range of motion.

What is sEMG? An sEMG is a device which measures the amount of electrical activity your muscles release when they are contracting, commonly known as muscle tension. It is similar in function to an EKG which measures heart activity. We can perform this test with or without motion to detect abnormal muscle firing patterns.

Does it hurt? No, not at all. It is a totally non-invasive test that does not cause any pain or irritation. This makes it totally safe anyone, including infants, children, pregnant women and seniors. It simply requires the placement of small probes against the skin and the test only takes a few minutes.

Why do we test muscle activity? Muscles have a tendency to brace and guard as your bodies natural defense to pain and injury. This test allows us to see where these muscles are bracing and how the overall function of your neuro-muscular system is doing.

What is thermography? The difference in blood flow creates differences in temperature as displayed by colored bars on the myovision scan. The further the bar extends and the more asymmetrical the readings, the greater the neurological dysfunction.

How does all of this relate to your health? Just as an EKG can determine the health of your heart, the Myovision test results provide important physiological information which can help your doctor determine the severity of your issues and create an appropriate course of care. In addition, Myovision exams can help your doctor measure your response to care, more effectively document your health and track your progress over time.