Nutritional Supplementation

Chiropractic care is a hands on healthcare approach to help you gain your health and wellness by healing from within. Unfortunately, today’s food and water are often lacking in nutrients or are loaded with chemicals which put stress on the healing body. Because of the depletion of our soils and the overuse of chemicals, nutritional supplementation has become more and more necessary to live a healthy lifestyle and to give our body the building blocks and fuel to heal.

At our office we offer basic nutritional supplementation from quality, organic, sources to aid you in your healing journey. We use products from companies such as Standard Process, Klaire Labs, Prothera, Nordic Naturals and Metagenics, to name a few. We are constantly on the hunt for the highest quality, best absorbed and most useful supplements for health and healing.

We also carry more specialized supplementation that we often special order for specific situations. We are here to help guide you in your healthcare journey and that includes what you nourish and fuel your body with. We carry probiotics for the entire family, vitamin D, omega 3 fish oils, multivitamins, folate and digestive enzymes regularly and often have a few more specific products available as well. If you are needing a specific supplement due to surgery or injury, we have many options available.

Ideally we would get all of our nutrition, including vitamins and minerals, through the organic food we eat. We highly encourage and guide you in healthy nutritional choices. Proper lifestyle changes which include nutritional counseling with adequate supplementation, when required, will give your body the building blocks it needs to heal as fast as possible.