When the Healer Needs Healing

So I hope you all give me grace and understand as I take a health day to return to a vibrancy of health in the near future. It is hard for us to not be there when others need us. But I hope that maybe, if nothing else, I will set a good example and show everyone that it is okay to take time to heal. It is okay to rest and rejuvenate. Everyone will be better for it in the long run.

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Centering Your Kids for Success

Today we live running from one errand to another. Always with full schedules and rushed agendas. This week I did an interview on our facebook page about meditation and yoga for kids. To help them regain a sense of calm and to nourish their souls. We need to find a...

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ARC Gene: Discovering New Science!

When we come across some interesting new findings in science we love to share them. Partly because we just really love learning all about the body and partly because it shows that science is always evolving with new evidence and insights! We especially love what new...

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Dream Big, Plan Bigger

Make your goals your goals. Don’t make goals on what others want you to do or what others think you should do. Make goals that are for you. Not everyone wants to travel the world. If you don’t, don’t make that a goal. If you do, then do it. Make sure you really listen to your heart.

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Could Chiropractic Help Solve the Opiod Crisis?

But there is good news. And the good news lies in holistc, salutogenesis, therapies. We are seeing more acceptance and value placed on chiropractic care and it’s potential to help people regain their health and function; without the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery. Many studies have been conducted in the past 10-15 years showing the effectiveness and satisfaction rate of patients utilizing chiropractic care for their restoration of health, function and vitality.

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Allergies? Halloween? Teal Pumpkin? What you need to know!

We have seen an increase in childhood allergies in recent years, and we can all postulate as to why, but the fact is many children have a very hard time celebrating Halloween because of these often life threatening allergies. It is always sad to have to exclude your child from the fun and games because of something they never signed up for. So enter…the Teal Pumpkin Project.

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Flu is not a season

You have the power to create a healthy environment to optimize your inborn healing potential! So if you are feeling stressed, eating poorly and missing the sun; make sure you are getting in to get adjusted, reducing your sugar consumption and monitoring your vitamin d levels to create a healthy environment for health and a hazardous environment for that (or any other) pesky virus that may be looking for a weakened host.

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