Flu is not a season

You have the power to create a healthy environment to optimize your inborn healing potential! So if you are feeling stressed, eating poorly and missing the sun; make sure you are getting in to get adjusted, reducing your sugar consumption and monitoring your vitamin d levels to create a healthy environment for health and a hazardous environment for that (or any other) pesky virus that may be looking for a weakened host.

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Posture and Its Effect on Depression, Anxiety and Aggression

This kyphotic, slumped over posture, not only looks bad but it has effects on your mental state and your neurology! So I guess all those times your mom told you to “stand up straight” or “sit up straight” was for more benefit than looking good. She probably didn’t know it but she was improving your mental state, your self esteem and your neurological function!

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Are you poisoning or healing your body by what’s in your home?

Toxins affect the all aspects of our health. They affect our cellular structure and our ability, or not, to heal. And the more toxins we have in our body, the harder our body has to work to function optimally. Not only do toxins have obvious physiological effects, they have psychological effects. And the more one understand the body and mind, one realizes they cannot be separated, or treated separately.

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