This month is the, dreaded, tulip festival. I say dreaded because we start to hear of all the traffic congestion, slow moving days, limited parking and tourist interruptions. Every year, for the month of April, the Skagit Valley is inundated with thousands of tourists, all here to see the fields of tulips, daffodils and hyanciths. It is an awesome display of color and vitality as well as a slug like pace of getting around..

I ask and encourage you to see the beauty and benefits of this amazing month of April. I ask you to have gratitude for the slower days and the influx of visitors to our beautiful valley.

Here are 3 things to be grateful for for the annual Skagit Tulip Festival.

  1. Thousands of people are here to see flowers. That’s right, men, women and children of all ages, religions, cultures and nationalities are uniting to see the splendor of flowers. How awesome is that? The beauty of nature abounds and it brings people together in hope, healing and happiness. It reminds me of a quote from A Knight’s Tale:
    • “Jocelyn: “A flower is only as good as its petals. Don’t you agree?”
      William: “A flower is good for nothing. You can’t eat a flower, a flower can’t keep your warm…”
      Jocelyn: “And a rose never knocked a man off a horse either.”
      William: “You’re just a silly girl aren’t you.”
      Jocelyn: “Better a silly girl with a flower, than a silly man with a horse and a stick…””
  2. We get to see, meet and love on these strangers in our community. Yes we get to extend a warm welcome and a loving gesture. Whether that is a simple smile and hello or detailed directions to the most amazing fields of flowers. We get to give the best of ourselves and extend joy to others.
  3. The money, you can’t deny the money. The tulip festival is one of, if not the, main revenue generators in Skagit County. And yes, that helps everyone. Hotel owners, farmers, local restaurants, shops. And without this money into our community annually, many businesses would suffer. When local business suffer, families suffer and towns suffer. When they thrive, we all thrive.

So welcome Tulip Festival Attendees! Enjoy our beautiful flowers, shops, restaurants and hotels. If you need directions, feel free to ask and above all, have a blessed day. We are grateful you are here.