I am sitting here at home with a scratchy throat and headache. Tired and worn out. You see we are all human and when we burn the candle at both ends we succumb to a flourish of immune response symptoms just like anyone else. But I know I can do things to aid in my healing and be humbled by the power of the body to heal. Some things that we do to help us overcome illness are:

  1. First and foremost, get checked and adjusted if necessary. But just because we have symptoms doesn’t mean that our body isn’t working perfectly, as it is intended. Because you see, chiropractic is designed to make you heal better. Not necessarily feel better. Symptoms are annoying and a disruption in our life but they are not our enemy. They tell us very valuable things and they bring us closer to healing.
  2. Rest. Yes I have 4 kids and an office to run but it has been made plainly obvious to me that I need to rest and give my body a chance to heal and do it’s amazing job of getting back to optimum function. Too often we push through the symptoms or take drugs to numb things out so we can continue on our daily errands. Not only does this not help your body to heal but it usually prolongs the symptoms. Diminishing productivity. So take the time to rest. I am writing this snuggled up in a blanket lying on my couch and when I am done I will close my computer, sip my tea and soon go to bed.
  3. Nourish. What I do put in to my body for food and drink will be things that support health and healing. I think we all know that food is a powerful medicine.

So I hope you all give me grace and understand as I take a health day to return to a vibrancy of health in the near future. It is hard for us to not be there when others need us. But I hope that maybe, if nothing else, I will set a good example and show everyone that it is okay to take time to heal. It is okay to rest and rejuvenate. Everyone will be better for it in the long run.