Post holiday slump anyone? Already fall off of your New Year’s Goals? It’s OKAY! It’s a marathon not a sprint. Or at least it should be.

The second week into January and you know what? MOST people have already given up on their New Year’s Goals. So I am here this week to pick you up, dust you off and give you a high five. Now it really begins.

Let’s break it down and give you my top 5 tips for getting that energy back. Get back on that horse and enjoy the journey.

  1. Get enough REST! Yes you. I am talking to you. You are doing too much with too little rest. Your adrenals are crashing and you are a hell of a ball of emotions and fatigue.
  2. Eat foods that heal and nourish. Stay hydrated! Those Christmas cookies are dwindling, the fruitcake…just put it in the garbage already. Next trip to the grocery store go with a plan, get the ingredients you need and don’t go to the store hungry. That is just crazy talk.
  3. Start exercising. I don’t mean going from 0 to 100 in one day. I mean get moving. Do things you enjoy. Do things that you are fun. Don’t worry about it being perfect or looking perfect but get up, get out and get moving. At least 20 minutes a day. Got kids? Get them involved. Kids LOVE being outside even if they whine about it at first. Go to the beach. Go to the trail. Do yoga at home. There is a way.
  4. Meditate, reflect, go within. 10 minutes. Morning, noon or night. It doesn’t matter just make sure you have some time to take deep breaths, be in a place of gratitude and love and connect.
  5. Get adjusted! Yes. It is important. Chiropractic is a neurological reset. It enlarges your “bucket” to be able to adapt and integrate all the days stresses. And get your kids adjusted too so they can rest, digest and be better themselves to that they allow you to do 1-4 with more ease.

That’s it. Don’t worry if you have cheated on your health goals of this year. We all fall off the horse sometime. The key is to get back on because it is a lifestyle change. It’s for the long haul. It takes time. It takes repetition. And it takes those ebbs and flows. We are here to help you in those changes so you can live a more joyful, fulfilled, healthy life.

There IS a difference between living, and living well.

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt