Here we are again. It’s that time of year. It’s the ending of summer and the beginning of the fifth season of the year…the flu season. It lands somewhere between the end of summer and the beginning of fall when we hear about the upcoming, devastating, flu virus that is about to hit our innocent, unsuspecting, bodies once again. Global warming seems to be wrecking havoc with every weather pattern in every season but the flu “season” seems immune and unscathed from the increasing global temperatures.

Here are a few things I have learned about flu “season”.

  1. It is not a season. People can become ill from the flu at any time of the year. The virus doesn’t miraculously disappear when the flowers start blooming and reappear when the skies start to darken. Viruses just don’t work like that.
  2. People exhibit symptoms of illness more during the winter months for many other reasons. And these are under your control. During flu “season” people generally spend less time outdoors, reducing their vitamin d levels. In fact here is a VERY interesting study about the effects of vitamin d levels and influenza! They are more stressed with events like the beginning of a new school year and the holidays. And the holidays also bring about a decline in our healthy habits like exercise and eating well. Hallowe’en candy anyone? How about those pumpkin pies and candy canes?
  3. You can reduce your chances of becoming ill from contact with the influenza virus by reducing stress, increasing your vitamin d levels through supplementation and by reducing your sugar content. You can also help keep your immune system healthy through proper neurological function and chiropractic care! Your neurology and immune system are intimately related to each other. The connection is still not thoroughly understood, or discovered, and new findings are showing up all the time. In fact just a couple of years ago lymphatic vessels were discovered in the central nervous system! Cool beans!

So as you see you are not a helpless victim of this seemingly unrelenting “season”. You have the power to create a healthy environment to optimize your inborn healing potential! So if you are feeling stressed, eating poorly and missing the sun; make sure you are getting in to get adjusted, reducing your sugar consumption and monitoring your vitamin d levels to create a healthy environment for health and a hazardous environment for that (or any other) pesky virus that may be looking for a weakened host.

Yours in health and wellness!

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt