Confession time (By Dr. Cheryl)…
As many of you know, I recengaffigantly gave birth to our fourth child, a beautiful baby girl. As you also know, I took the longest maternity leave I have ever taken to visit with family. What you didn’t know is that I was also toying with the idea of stepping away from practice for an extended period of time. To focus on my young family and to lessen the stress in my own life.
Fortunately I am able to limit my patient days and bring my baby to work, but I still have long hours of behind the scenes work, studying and occasional travel that also takes precious time.
Trying to balance family life and active practice takes patience and truthfully, being a chiropractor has not always been easy. Our profession has been vilified, belittled and bashed. We have been called names and accused of doing harmful things. All unsubstantiated and based on false information. It’s emotionally and psychologically trying. That on top of motherhood stresses and the unknowns that come with that, well let’s just say it isn’t easy. 
So why am I back at it? Why do I step foot in the office and open my heart and hands to take care of the people who walk through my door? Because I love helping them. I love seeing the health and happiness return to people. To see the light return to the lives of the children. And to support the families, young and old, that need this thing we call chiropractic. I truly love helping people through the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic and natural health care. I do it for all chiropractorthe “Audie’s” and their families.
So Tuesday was my first day back, with baby (not quite yet 3 months old) in tow. My day started with a 6 week old baby boy and ended with a 7 year old, first grade girl. In between I had all ages from young to old. And they were happy I had returned. And I was happy to be back. The stress and sacrifices that come with it are worth it to see these lives changed, these lives improved. It is because of stories like this that I keep coming back. Audie is one of my precious little ones I got the opportunity to take into my hands and care for on Tuesday.
“AUDIE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Even on what we consider a good night she wakes up at least twice. She didn’t wake up once last night! This morning she woke up so happy and obviously well-rested. What’s different –
She had a chiropractic adjustment and I bought her a really good vitamin/mineral complex powder from our chiropractor that I’ve given her for the last two days. Getting adjusted again tomorrow!”
So tomorrow I will return. I will do my best to deliver love and the most skillful adjustment possible to everyone who walks into my room. I will have my baby in tow and we will continue to do this thing we call family practice.
Love and blessing to you all.