Sensory Processing Disorder goes by many names (Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Neurosensory Dysfunction, etc.) but no matter what you call it, the underlying causes of it don’t change. At Vital Chiropractic we also strongly feel that sensory issues are one of the most commonly missed diagnoses out there. Health care providers involved in this area of care also understand that many common conditions such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and many learning and behavioral issues have many sensory-based challenges, and therefore proper treatment must address these.

In most cases when these sensory challenges are finally realized, therapy is the first option. If done properly this care is usually done by specifically trained occupational and/or physical therapists in a “sensory gym” or setting. While we support this form of therapy whole-heartedly, at Vital Chiropractic and Wellness Center we offer complementary care to your therapy.. The sensory-based care provided by our office is one of the only places in the country where neurosensory rehab and therapy is combined with neurologically-based chiropractic adjustments. When working with sensory challenges we work with other therapists, when appropriate, for the optimum benefit of the patient. This combination of care can provide more effective and longer-lasting results than either alone.

For children with SPD, the nervous system is essentially not “programmed” correctly. For various reasons, it becomes “chaotic” and “disorganized” as the child develops improperly. This can be caused by a variety of different things. In our office the most common causes we encounter are subluxations which are caused by traumatic birth (ie. forceps, vacuum extraction, C-section), childhood falls, and improper development through excessive use of infant car carriers, walkers, and jumpers.

The first few months and years of life are more important to our sensory programming and development than any other. When children are put through events like the ones mentioned above, their neurosensory system develops improperly, leaving them either hyper (too much) or hypo (not enough) sensitive to their environment. These imbalances can lead to major challenges and difficulties in social and academic settings, and

contribute to other issues such as ADHD, anxiety, OCD, social withdrawal, and learning disabilities

Dr. Schmitt can help determine if your child is functioning properly, neurologically, or not. Our examination includes computerized testing of the neurosensory system to detect subluxations. This gives us a great look at how well that nervous system is functioning and how well it is organized and integrated. If subluxations or imbalances are found, they can be addressed through our specific adjustments, neurosensory therapy, and holistic approach to treating the whole child. Nowhere else is a combination of care like this available.

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Cheryl Schmitt, D.C., CACCP

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt, CACCP