Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, April 12th 6:30-8:00 pm at Vital Chiropractic, PLLC
The New Pathways to Family Wellness Magazines Have Arrived:
The 3 topics for discussion this gathering will be:
1) Asking Doctors about Midwives
2) Risky Play: Why Kids Love It and Need It.
3) Where is my Center?

I also have had questions about homeschooling/unschooling come up recently and wouldn’t mind answering questions about this as well as I feel it flows well with conscious and attachment parenting styles.

To join us on facebook go to Pathways Connect Skagit County and join us there. It’s a great place for information, encouragement and community.

The purpose of Pathways Connect is to provide the resources and tools to introduce and foster the family wellness lifestyle in your community.

Our goal is to foster relationships with parents, or soon to be parents, who live a more holistic, natural, conscious parenting style.

Although there may be some topics that we don’t all agree on, this is a group of parents who are open-minded, accepting and loving to everyone on their parenting journey.

Using Pathways magazine as the primary resource, holistic providers are hosting groups in their offices where parents meet and discuss the inspiring articles and topics covered in Pathways. All attendees receive a complimentary copy of Pathways and the facilitator of the group provides talking points and resources to the attendees.

A community to learn and grow.

A community to learn and grow.

There are no fees or membership required for parents to attend Pathways Connect meetings. Any parent, patient, or community member is welcome to participate.

You now have the opportunity to connect, learn and build solid relationships with other families concerned about conscious choice.

Hope to see you there!

Side note: This may be the last one until September unless someone else wants to organize the gatherings as I will be on maternity leave.