Friday, is intersex awareness day.

I got the start of my education on being intersex when Ori was born to one of our clients. I didn’t know much about it when Kristina came to me about my thoughts on surgery but I leaned on my chiropractic philosophy of the body knows best and supported them in their gut feeling of letting Ori be who they were born to be as long as there was no risk to their health or life. Since then I’ve watched Ori become an amazing preteen, I’ve lent them boys clothes when they started to identify as male, I’ve adjusted them, and I’ve been a recipient of the tremendous love they (the whole family) has returned. Please share this or any of the following links to create more awareness, and love for all our amazing genders.

*We take our clients privacy very seriously. Kristina and Ori are now activists for the intersex population and approved and encouraged me to share their story.

You can follow Ori on instagram @myintersexstory